Canberra Aero Club aims to bring together people with a common interest in aviation in order to enjoy and experience the challenge and freedom of flight as safely as possible. The Club believes that sharing aviation with people from all walks of life not only makes us better pilots but better people too. So come down to the Club and have a look at our aircraft, talk to our members or share a flight with one of our pilots.

Operating since 1938, the Canberra Aero Club is one of the oldest Aero Clubs in Australia. We are situated at Canberra Airport and enjoy being able to fly in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace. We are less than an hour’s flight to the southern NSW coast and close by to the Snowy Mountain ski fields. Flying throughout the wide and scenic spaces of the Murray-Darling Basin is also enjoyed by our member pilots.

The club operates a growing fleet of aircraft available for hire. We try and maintain a fleet that caters across different pilot budgets. With over 100 members, a great location and an increasing fleet of aircraft, we create an ideal environment for members and visitors alike.



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    MONDAY 19TH OCTOBER 2015 1800-2000 Alastair Swayne Theatre 35 Brindabella Circuit (next to day care centre) Canberra airport Invitation is open to all associated with the Aviation Industry. ... ...
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  • MUW's Cousin arrives...

      With the Club's Cessna 172 remaining unavailable while undergoing SIDs compliance, the Board has elected to source a temporary replacement C172 for member hire. The Club has sourced a replacement C172 for MUW. C172M (VH-WYG) which arrives in Canberra today Friday 11/09/2015 and will be immediately available for hire from 3pm.   Cessna 172M ...
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  • ADF Use of Unmanned Aircraft: Past and Future - Presentation

     Tuesday 8 September at 6.00 pm in Military Lecture Theatre ADFA, GPCAPT Guy Adams the Director of Unmanned Aerial Systems, RAAF will speak on "ADF Use of Unmanned Aircraft: Past and Future."  All welcome. ...
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  • Wanted a C172 for Cross hire

      The Canberra Aero Club is looking to cross hire a C172 for up to 3 months while our C172 (MUW} is away enjoying a Sea Breeze down at Moruya.  Dry rate and no commitment to minimum hours.  So if you know of a C172 feeling lonely at the moment and would appreciate some attention please give the Club a call on 02 6223-7132.  PS we are also looking ...
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  • Ben Cobb obtains his PPL

    Big congratulations to club member Ben Cobb who recently obtained his PPL, Ben may you have blue skies for ever...   ...
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R Leach

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  • Twilight Flying coming up

    On Wednesday 27 February the Club will be holding a Twilight Flying activity.  This is an opportunity to do some circuits or a City Flight in company with other Club members.  If you have not flown for some time, would like to fly yourself or with someone else, here is the opportunity.  Night flying is available to those suitably rated. Passengers ...
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Gerhard Reubel

Gerhard Reubel is the Aircraft Manager for the Canberra Aero Club. Many of the aerial photographs shown on the website have also been provided by Gerard.

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  • Runway incursions

    SAFETY ALERT! To minimise the risk of runway incursions, please implement the following:  Plan your taxi route for arrival and departure as carefully as the  airborne element of your flight;   Ensure that you understand standard airfield markings;   Ensure that you have a specific clearance for a specific runway;   Treat all runways as ...
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Michael Monck

Mick is the Activities Co-ordinator for the club. He owns and regularly flys a Pipistrel LSA. Mick as been a member of the Aero Club since 2004.

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  • Moruya Open Day

    Moruya Aero Club held its annual open day on Mother’s Day this year to help celebrate how much our mum’s really mean to us. Ok, so maybe it had nothing to do with Mother’s Day at all but there were lots of smiles on mum’s, dad’s and kids alike on the day. ...
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  • Formation flying

    Flying is a challenging exercise. Unlike driving a car there are no places to simply pull over, you have to worry about the ups and downs and not just the lefts and rights, you have to tell people what you're doing. To make matters worse all of this has to happen simultaneously and we still have to figure out where we're going. Despite these basic ...
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  • Rotax Fuel Injected Engine Rotax 912 IS

    ROTAX, a name that is synonymous with light aircraft, LSA aircraft and even military drones and in a co-operation with Pipistrel today marks a very important milestone in the history for ROTAX with the release of the new fuel injected 912 IS aircraft engine. ...
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  • Australians Flying in the States

    By Chris McKeown Bored with flying in Australia? Been there done that? Want something really special and different? Why not put your flying experiences in Australia to use in the USA and explore fantastic new territory.  What about start at Albuquerque in a new fuel injected 172 and doing the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Monument Valley?  I have ...
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