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Operating since 1938, the Canberra Aero Club is one of the oldest Aero Clubs in Australia. We are situated at Canberra Airport and enjoy being able to fly in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace. We are less than an hour’s flight to the southern NSW coast and close by to the Snowy Mountain ski fields. Flying throughout the wide and scenic spaces of the Murray-Darling Basin is also enjoyed by our member pilots.

The club operates a growing fleet of aircraft available for hire. We try and maintain a fleet that caters across different pilot budgets. With over 100 members, a great location and an increasing fleet of aircraft, we create an ideal environment for members and visitors alike.

Moruya Open Day

Posted by Michael Monck
Michael Monck
Mick is the Activities Co-ordinator for the club. He owns and regularly flys a Pipistrel LSA. Mick as been a m...
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on Monday, 14 May 2012 in Uncategorized

Moruya Aero Club held its annual open day on Mother’s Day this year to help celebrate how much our mum’s really mean to us. Ok, so maybe it had nothing to do with Mother’s Day at all but there were lots of smiles on mum’s, dad’s and kids alike on the day.

A range of aircraft was on display on the ground and the open day was well attended by pilots from other airfields in the region.

One of my favourites was an RV-4 owned by a local instructor. It is a fully aerobatic aircraft and by all accounts he enjoys flying it quite a bit. His passengers often get back onto the ground with a big smile on their face asking for more time in the air.

The day saw many activities taking place with locals bringing along their old steam powered engines, vintage cars and of course flying. The cars ranged from classic Fords through to Chev’s and included restorations as well as conversions to hot rods.

The Army attended with their parachute display team doing several jumps throughout the day. Many of the people on the ground continually walked around with their heads turned skyward to make sure they didn’t miss any of the action. On top of this there was a flour bombing competition where the locals could get on board one of the club planes and drop a flour bomb onto a target. With many competitors throughout the day a lot of fun was had by all.

A short formation display was done by Sheldon Jones and Graham White, both instructors at the local flying school, and myself, a recent graduate of their training in this area. Despite the bumps around the place we all had a good time and the crowd commented that the display looked good from the ground.

All in all the day was a great success and enjoyed by everyone. I am looking forward to the next one and in the meantime will no doubt visit Moruya on a regular basis to enjoy their hospitality and listen to more stories from the locals!

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Mick is the Activities Co-ordinator for the club. He owns and regularly flys a Pipistrel LSA. Mick as been a member of the Aero Club since 2004.


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